Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jenna's Musky 44" 22.5 Lbs

What a way to start your day, $2.00 bet on biggest Musky & the winner buys Ice Cream, guess who bought, Great job Jenna & it all happened out of a canoe

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lake X

20 ln 4.5 lbs

Silver Lake Marley 14" Lmbass

Silver Lake Smbass 21.75" 5.5 lbs

Lake Charles Dad & I Jul 6

Marley Lmbass Silverlake13.5in Aug 1/ 09

Lake Charles Mike 4 lb 10.75 oz Spinnerbait

Wawa Darcy Pike

Wawa Jenna Nice Pike

Silver Lake Mitch Lmbass

Silver Lake Lmbass 1st Drop Shot

Maitland River Marley 2 years old trying to lip 1st rock bass

Maitland River Marley 2 years old

Wawa Darcy Pike tag

Moe Silver Lake Pike Bass Magnet black frog

Moe Silver Lake Lmbass Bassmagnet Black Frog

Silver Lake 28" pike black spinnerbait

Getting wet & having fun