Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November is starting out ok

Nov 2-14 with the water temperature down around 43 degrees Bass Magnet Tube were the bait of the day with a little added scent deep rocks is where we found them..

 Nov 11-14 I couldn't find anyone to go fishing so I headed out to meet Paul & Mike plus one of their buddies that were kayak fishing, things started slow but we ended up catching quite a few later in the day Drop Shotting Bass Magnet Twitch was putting them in the boat for me with 2 coming on spinnerbaits. The other guys were using Tubes,Senko's & Drop Shotting Slammers. It was windy but the temperature was perfect. We knew things were picking up when I caught a 21" 5.2lb Smallie & on the next cast a 18" 4.5 lber. They also caught a Rainbow, a few Walleye, Sheephead & Gizzard Shad.

October was a busy month but still had time for fishing.

Oct 2-14 Dad & I hit up one of Bruce County lakes in the Wiarton area for a few hours.

 Oct 9-14 was a little cool but number's of fish were up with a few nice ones being caught.

 Oct 13 a few hours close to home. 

 Moon River Basin didn't have very many people out fishing Oct 17th weekend & we found it tough out there but the weather was better than it was last year & that's something. Tried fishing Iron City, Wood Bay & Black Stone.

The rest of the month I was busy setting up the LHFC School Salmon Hatchery program, I set up 13 School's & delivered the eggs in early November to 15 School's, we expanded the program from 17 to 21 school's for 2014-15.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fed Cup Sept 26-28-14

Carp's machine thanx for letting me tag along & the pre-fish. 
 1 of the bass we found pre-fishing caught on a secret spinnerbait or crankbait
 Saturday we broke down in Lake Ontario on the outside of Amherst Island & it was Carp to the rescue, there might have been someone passed out in both boats

 A few of the Smallies caught that never had a chance to be weighed in but they were nice to catch, spinnerbaits again

 Waiting for Gordo to come to pick us up after the weigh in, watching FLW Okeechobee with Pizza Pizza delivered to the boat, after they hung up on Mitch I made a call & it was delivered.
 Waiting around for day 2 blast off.

 The 1 & only Largie in the boat Sunday 4lbs never made it to the scale, cull time.

 Lenny the man with the winning sack, Thanx for the ride.
 Doug Brownridge showing everybody the B.A.S.S. Eastern Divisional Individual Championship Trophy. He weighed in 3 straight 24 lb bags for 72 lb 9 oz. over 7 lbs a head of 2nd place.