Monday, February 15, 2016

Bass University at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show Feb 14-15/16

What a great weekend & it sounds like they'll be back next year so keep it in mind if your interested. There was a couple of guys that even came from Montreal. 

February 14th-15th Speaker Lineup:
Sunday: Mike Iaconelli
  • Topic 1: -  Why I LOVE Vibrating Jigs (The Perfect Hybrid Bait).
  • Topic 2: -  Crankbaiting Keys To Success
Sunday: JT Kenney
  • Topic 1:  Breaking Down Lilly Pads
  • Topic 2:  Grass Fishing with Swimbaits
Sunday: Seth Feider
  • Topic 1: Swimbaits For Big Smallmouth
  • Topic 2: Hair jigs: The Ultimate Finesse Bait for Smallmouth
Monday: Jonathon VanDam
  • Topic 1: Targeting Trophy Smallmouth Bass
  • Topic 2: Unlocking the Great Lakes
Monday: Ish Monroe
  • Topic 1:  Matted Vegetation  (Frogs and Flipping)
  • Topic 2: Warm Weather/ Summer
Monday: Josh Bertrand
  • Topic 1: Clear Water Bass Fishing
  • Topic 2: Schools of Bass

Ish is trying to figure out why JVD is making fun of him lol just kidding. There were lots of laughs & lots of info flying around.

I was one of the Draw Prize winners.  

Met a lot of great Guys & Gals, Tight Lines & hope everyone got home safe in that crappie weather.