Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Forest City Bassmasters meeting last night as one of the guest speakers

Richard Elliot Jr. – LHFC School Hatchery Program Co-ordinator (also Waterloo Wellington CBAF, Lake Huron Fishing Club, Grey Bruce Bass Club and CBAF Team Ontario Member 2009). Richard will talk about the Lake Huron Fishing Club School Salmon Hatcheries and how we can participate as part of our conservation efforts. This looks like a great opportunity for our club to contribute.

Jeff Zeisner – Jeff has fished 65 FLW events as a co-angler over the last 10 years including 6 top 10 finishes. Jeff has a huge wealth of tournament experience to share and will talk a bit about non boater etiquette in the tournament world.

Other Agenda Items:
Membership dues for 2017 will be due at the October meeting.

This was a great meeting, Forest City Bassmasters & the Lake Huron Fishing Club has set up a partnership to have a Parkview Public School in Komoka raise Chinook Salmon in one of their classrooms with FC taking the lead & LHFC helping with support & equipment needed to set it up all because of BRUCE POWER funding support. I ended up joining the club at the end of the meeting.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A couple hours on Bruce County Lake tonight

Headed out after the rain quit and made a few cast with the Spinnerbait until I found the weeds, I picked up a #Ardent Flipp'n rod with Flouro and 1st flip it got bit off by a Pike, then I caught 3 quick Smallies on a new #Blackflylures Spinnerbait, moved around a bit and caught another then I had a hard hit on the blades when I threw it back there was nothing so I followed up with a drop shot and it was taken right away, ran straight under the boat and back across to the other side (Pike) as I grabbed the net there was a little head shake and the hook came out and it took the tail off my plastic, the rain started again and it was blowing fairly hard, I threw my rain gear on and headed towards the west side of the lake where it was protected by taller trees, caught another 2 smallies and it was time to leave before it got dark, 2.5 hours with 6 smallies caught from 16" to 18.5" with a few other hit not too bad. Water was 66 degrees and a little coloured from the rain and wind.

Caught at 5:11pm shortly after I started Fishing, 1st stop.

Next cast 5:12 `18.25" Smallie




Products used.#Ardent Rods and Reels, #Blackflylures spinnerbaits and #Gliss 18 lb Line plus Suffix Mono & Seaguar Denny Brauer Flippin' Flouro

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Future of the Lake Huron Fishing Club and Chantry Chinook Classic could be in your hands?

This was sent out to the Club Membership & I said I would send it out to as many People as possible through my Blog & Fishing Forums, 

Subject: The Future of the Lake Huron Fishing Club and Chantry Chinook Classic

This email is an urgent call to our fellow members of the LHFC.

The people that run the Chantry Chinook Classic need help…….. And lots of it…….. Simply put, if some of our members do not step up and help, the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby of this past summer will likely be the last.

I will remind everyone that without the funds the Club receives from the Chantry, both of our hatcheries will close permanently.  Once that happens, the Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout fishery will be lost on the eastern shores of Lake Huron.

The Derby committee meets once a month in the evening for 2 hours.  I have to think that there are 6 members, out of a pool of over 400 members, that enjoy fishing Huron and its Tributaries enough to commit to helping out a few hours a month.

We have been very lucky as a Club to have enough volunteers at both hatcheries to rear our fish , and the Executive Board of Directors have as well, so we are good in those departments, although we are always looking for more help too. But the urgent help is needed to keep the largest source of our funding, the Chantry Derby, alive.

Simply put, either step up, or the Lake Huron Fishing Club and its stocking program will come to an end.  The math is very simple folks – no money, no more stocking any salmonids………and no more  LHFC.

Kind Regards,
Michael Hahn
Lake Huron Fishing Club

Some jobs needing to be filled are: media person; someone good with a computer; volunteers to help with our Sponsorship Committee (to approaching businesses). As well, we need people to help with some of the duties needed to run the derby. 

On another note, we have a School Salmon Hatchery Program that will reach 35 or more schools this year. Students help us raise Salmon in their classrooms. We run a  Kids Day the middle weekend of our Derby. LHFC/OFAH supply equipment for the Tackle Share  (Rod, Reel and Tackle) in Bruce County Librarys, that kids can take out for a week, just like a book. This could all end if we don't get some help. Many hands make for light work. PLEASE step up and help if you can.
Thanx and Tight Lines Richard
LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program Co-ordinator

Lake Huron Fishing Club Website:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Great Day on St Clair with Mike from #HandlebarzGuideService

Don't let him show you how to do a figure 8 this guy cast out 15' and turns the handle about twice
and this is what he gets lol, very nice way to start the day, Thanx for the Great Day Mike we'll be back.

ELECTRIC BLACK SERIES chartreuse blades

No measurement here we thought it wasn't big enough to keep it out of the water, when they say do a figure 8 every cast this is what could hit with 12" of line out WOW. 

  ELECTRIC BLACK SERIES chartreuse blades

Dave's 47" Musky that choked a big plastic Uboat and it took 2 of us to get the hook out, he broke both of our Personal Best Musky. 

Swimming away.

My second Musky a 46.5" Personal best by .5" but much heavier than my old PB.

Swimming away.

Mike showing us how to work another bait man this guy is good lol 51" Musky very sweet.

My 3rd 43"? another figure 8 fish with 12" of line out lol.

Hooks were cut off most of the lures as they were very aggressive today.  #HandlebarzMuskyLures 

Mikey's New Toy for guiding very nice ride.

Thanx again for the Great Day on the water, if you want to learn how to cast for Musky book a trip you won't regret it. There were a lot of follows & a few misses that won't soon be forgotten with a few top water hits also. If you wanted to fish for Gar they where everywhere.
Check Mike out here:

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Great Day on the water Solo in my boat again

I had orders to be at Dave and Bonnie's 07:00 for breakfast to try a new recipe which was very good, than it was off to get the boat and head to Silver Lake, started fishing shortly after 08:00 and caught 3 shorter Largemouth on a #Blackflylures spinnerbait no pictures and at 08:50 the 1st Largie on Flipp'n Jig Havoc Trailer 30# DB Flouro, a little farther down the lake Bonnie started catching a few smaller bass on a chatterbait & she never slowed down for Dave to try & catch her, They had to leave after lunch and I decided to stay for a little while longer, as you can see by the last picfture it was quite a bit after dark when I got off the water with well over 50 fish caught on Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Flipp'n Jigs, Crankbaits, Dropshot, Hair Jigs, Zoom Fluke, Whopper Plopper, even threw in a couple Pike. Everything was caught on #Ardent Reels with some #Ardent Rods and a few other companies too.

A couple of Bonnie's chatterbait fish, Her 1st of the day & a 20" Largemouth showing Dave how it's done, lol.

This little guy sure liked the Set The Hook Swimbait & Liquid Mayhem Shad.

I'm not sure what this guy was thinking lol.

2nd night this weekend the boat was off the water after dark.

Hope you enjoyed Thanx & Tight Lines