Thursday, January 25, 2018

Perfect day with the Fishing Friendzy crew Sunday Jan 21-18

                                                       The night before getting ready

The drive

Arriving at the gates

Let the fun begin

Short term livewell

CO checking for Licenses

Mikey show how to drill a hole

They were leaving as the Flag went off, very happy his 1st fish.

My Hawg, no skunk lol #LiquidMayhem

Tight Lines

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada

If you eat British Columbia #Salmon you're going to want to watch this your Health might depend on it, Shame on you #CFIA #DFO #FederalGovernment #BCGovernment

Ardent Pro Staff Denny Brauer

The new Denny Brauer Flipping and Pitching Reel from Ardent is a must have and will be in my boat for 2018.

#ArdentReels #DennyBrauer #RuleTheWater Tight Lines