Friday, November 16, 2012

1st Lake Erie Trip with Charles Nahm

17 Smallies and 1 Huge Perch from 10am until noon and another 17 Smallies from noon until 5ish

 Charles Nahm

 Peter Savoia
 Dave Mercer & Simon Frost taping a show

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doc says I'm good to go back to Work Tomorrow

Been a while since my last report, test are done Blood work is good & 17 months of Chemo, Radiation & Recovering it's back to work, the end of November would've been so much better lol after Bass Season ends, but I really can't complain, it'll be nice to get back to a bit of a routine, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4 hrs for the next 2 weeks, then Monday to Friday 4 hrs for 2 weeks & add 1 hr a week after that, 2nd week of January before I work 5 x 8hr days. Feeling pretty good we'll see how it goes, they tell me just be aware of any symptoms & follow up if it happens. Tight Lines & Thanx for all the Support Richard