Thursday, June 13, 2024

Washed a lot of lures before catching this one

Took about 5 hours to get one to commit but we didn't get skunked lol  
#Spinnerbait #Spinnerbaits #HexBlades


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BIG Spawning Smallmouth Bass have a BIG problem (Underwater Footage)

Tight Lines Fishing

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Port Elgin St Joseph Catholic School Chinook Salmon Release

The day started by picking Bonnie up and heading to Port Elgin to load up the #ChinookSalmon and going to the Southampton Boat Launch  to wait for the bus to arrive so the Students could release the #Salmon they rained in their #ClassroomHatchery Than back to the Port Elgin #SalmonHatchery for a quick tour before #Fishing for a couple hours before heading back to school to catch the buses home, the weather was AWESOME and there were a few #Trout caught and released 
#BrucePower #LakeHuronFishingClub 

48 Chinook Salmon ready for releasing


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Decided to go checkout the Panfish and it paid off

There were quite a few nice sized #Pumpkinseed #Bluegill #Rockbass and quite a few #Crappie caught well over 100 in the boat but had to keep moving around to find ones that were hungry 

Results of fishing line wrapped around the foot and branch, to high to reach and cut down  

@XZoneLures #StealthInvader


Monday, May 20, 2024

Got the invite to go out on Lake Huron this morning to chase some Coho

I had the right colors out as I went 2 for 3 from 7:30am until noonish, they were out Saturday and caught 4 on dipsy divers pulling body baits but today I set up a down rigger with spoons and had 1 on the slider and 2 on the main line set 35' - 55' down, they set up in 40' and fished as deep as about 70'
Tight Lines 

One of the ships broke down and they brought another one in to start off loading it

Loading Salt

Loading Grain


This was a Solo day that worked out moving around and catching a few here and a few there

Upsized my Jig's twice before catching them a little quicker started in 35' and fished as deep as 44' #XZoneLures #StealthInvader and #HotShotMinnow put most of them in the boat, everything was caught on #Plastics, bouncing on the bottom and lifting slowly until you felt weight, I would lift them into the boat and open another reels bail to drop it down as I'm putting the perch in the live well and set it down to be ready to drop it down when I caught another one, I had 4 rods set up and switched them up as colors slowed down or bi depth changes #LiquidMayhem #ArdentReels #BlackflyLures ##CanadianFishingNetwork #FishingFriendzyFoundation #LakeHuron 
Tight Lines  


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Late afternoon trip yesterday with nothing shallow

I checked out the shallows to see if anything was around and I saw 1 big pike spook from the trolling motor and no #Panfish anywhere, so I drove around and marked fish from 23' to over 50' putting in a few waypoints I went back was able to get about 3 #perch 4 #Sunfish and about a dozen #Crappie with most between 6 and 8" only 1 - 10" and 1 - 12" caught between 23' and 32' all on Plastics fished very slow.