Sunday, July 22, 2018

Scottie and Red at the 2018 OFC Dylan LeBlanc Charity Tournament

From Jeff Richard: The OFC Dylan Leblanc Memorial Tournament was a great success, fun had by all. We raise just under $3000. Thanks to everyone that participated and donated to the cause. Proceeds to benefit the

Friday, July 20, 2018

Keeping them alive and in good shape

Friday, June 22, 2018

Pete Garnier Donated a day on the Bay of Quinte for Fundraiser

There has been lots going on around here just not a lot of fishing but last Friday afternoon I drove to Trenton to be nice and close for Saturday’s day on the lake with Pete Garnier fishing the #BigBassChamps on the Bay of Quinte. After going out for supper with Carp and Gordo, I dropped into Pete’s to load my gear and talk fishing with everybody else that was dropping in or staying at his house. We met at Timmies in #Belleville Saturday about 05:30 to  grab something and headed to the George Street Ramp to launch the boat, we were  on the water about 6am all checked in and it was off to his 1st spot  to wait for 7am to make our 1st cast. Pete had 3 Largies in the boat  in about 20 minutes with one being about 3.6 lbs and then things slowed down a bit as we targeted weed clumps and a bit of shoreline structure before we both started catching fish again,  there were some nice pike landed and a good number of Largies in the 3 to 3.6  lb area with some smaller ones mixed in too. We started past Deseronto and  fished a few spots then headed back towards Trenton and a little east before  working a few more spots on the way back to Belleville before the last weigh-in hour,  I ended up with a Largie about 3.75lbs and was going to weigh it in but decided  not to after seeing all the boats around the ramp and we decided to just  release the fish and I was dropped off to get the trailer to load the boat.  This was a #GreatDay and we landed between 30 and 40 fish with the biggest 5 weighing somewhere between 17.5 lbs and 18 lbs. Thanx for the day on the Bay. My fish were caught on #ArdentReels DB and Edge Rods with Ardent Apex Grand, Elite, Flipping, C-Force Baitcasting reels and the #BlackFlyLures spinnerbaits #WOOTungsten Texas rigged #XZoneLures Punisher Punch Craw and Muscle Back Craw, with a little #LiquidMayhem as needed, protected by #TheRodGloves while flying around the lake.This all came about after Pete Donated a day on the Bay of Quinte for Ben's Fund Raiser.  
Tight Lines and be Safe on the Water #TakeAKidFishing #CatchPhotoRelease #BassOpener #LargemouthBass #RuleTheWater #NoFishCanResist #FishingIsAContactSport #TeamWoo #NationalProStaff #NPS #XZone #RodGloves #VRX

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fishing Friendzy’s Youth Fishing League

#FishingFriendzy first League is almost over, glad to be part of this Group, could be one coming to your area soon.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

33rd Annual Fish Kincardine Derby

We are thrilled to see how things are looking when it comes to size of fish, I often remember in the last couple of years many anglers reminiscing of the “good old days” when they used to pull out fish that were at least 30 lbs. I always thought it was a tall tale, the last few years saw winners who’s fish weighed between 18 – 16 lbs (last years’ derby winner was 17.07lbs) , this is until I was introduced to what Lake Huron really has to offer with our current leader a 29.04 lbs Lake Trout. Maybe those stories were true after all! We have seen several fish hitting the 20 lbs mark, including a Brown Trout that weighed in at 21.90, the largest I have ever seen was 7 lbs! They are in there and they are hungry! The salmon have also made a return, we in the last couple of years usually saw our first ones usually around day 5, we have seen many large ones already, the current leader being 14.2 lbs. I look forward to the rest of the derby and see what other monsters get pulled out! 

#LakeTrout #BrownTrout #ChinookSalmon #KincardineTroutHatchery #PortElginSalmonHatchery #Hatchery #LakeHuronFishingClub

 Photos provided by Kincardine Chamber and Fish Kincardine Derby:

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Had Bill and Willie out fishing but it ended up being just a nice boat ride

Everything's working good and the #ArdentReels Apex C-Force, Elite, Grand and Tournament cast a mile. Water was still cool and the major storm that went threw the day before didn't help, Tight Lines Next Time lol.

#705Anglers line recycling depot

 Willie enjoying a boat ride until he falls in, I guess he still enjoyed it everything just got wet lol.

Heading back out to dry off. 

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Ardent FLW Pro JT Kenney Discusses the Upcoming Fishing Trip Giveaway!

Ardent would like to congratulate Team Ardent Pro Staff member
Richard Elliott Jr.
our FIRST PLACE WINNER of an all-expense paid trip to Palm Bay, FL to fish with Team Ardent Pro Staff and FLW Pro JT Kenney!

Ardent also congratulates Nathan Riley our SECOND PLACE WINNER and Tyler Stroup our THIRD PLACE WINNER!!

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