Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Yesterday with Dad Smallie fishing in Bruce County

Throwing a bunch of different things from Tubes, Drop Shots, Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits & Jerkbaits, the #Ardent equipment worked great again, 4 hours & Dad finally got one on & had it right to the side of the boat & gone. Crankbaits seem to be working better than the rest & lost a X-Rap on a hook set thinking a Pike bit me off but when I got the line in the snap was still attached & closed but the lure was gone, very weird , I actually already caught a Bass on the lure too. Could have used a couple of these yesterday with the biggest being just over 19".

Golden Horseshoe Bass Anglers Long Point Tourney results

Derrick & I came in 7th out of 19 boats, the smallies were hitting with lots of 2 lbers in the boat just hard to find the bigger ones, I got the 1st 7 or 8 than Derrick caught the 2 bigger ones with all coming on Spinnerbaits, we headed back into the Marina were got a Bowfin & than ran into the Bay looking for a couple of Largemouth kickers but that didn't work, great day of fishing even with the wind blowing as hard as it was. #Ardent equipment worked great with the #Gliss line. DB Spinnerbait rod cast a mile with the Elite on it very pleased.

7'5" Med Heavy Casting Rod - Denny Brauer – Flip and Pitch, Apex Magnum Model 6.5:1 

7'10" Heavy Casting Rod- Denny Brauer Umbrella Rig, Apex Grand Model 7.3:1, 
7-'2" Med Heavy Casting Rod - Denny Brauer Spinnerbait, Apex Elite - 5.3:1 Model 5.3:1 
7'2" Med Heavy Spinning Rod - 1 piece EDGE ROD Fast Tip, C-Force Spinning Reel - 2000

7'0" Medium Spinning Rod- Denny Brauer Spinning, C-Force Spinning Reel - 2000

Gliss - 18 lb Green 1500 yards Spinning Reels with Flouro Leaders
Gliss - 40 lb Green 1500 yards Some Casting Reels

1. Rick- Rob 16.52
2. Gary S- Nick V 16.42 
3. Gary K- Joanna 16.40
4. Bob B- Daniel C 15.82
5. Mike B- Dillon B 15.32
6. Randy B- Mike M 14.98
7. Derrick L- Richard E 13.68
8. Steve M- Kurt 13.64
9. Gord- Ian B 13.42
10. Steve C- Trevor 13.16
11. Bill S- Rob C 12.36
12. Mike C 11.80
13. Al C- Merv 11.78
14. Wayne G- Jesse 11.56
15. Rick T- Travis 11.32
16. Rob S- Nick Y 11.28
17. Kyle L- Kevin E 10.84
18. Rich W- Derek M 10.12
19. Mitch- Steve S 9.08

Bass opener was ok here are a few Pictures

I was thinking of fishing for Smallies but had a GHBA CBAF Tournament on Long Point the next day so I switched things up & fished for Largies instead & than Sunday we ended up fishing for Smallies most of the day any way lol, the new #Ardent equipment worked great & so did the #Gliss Line, 

7-'L53" Med Heavy Action Casting Rod - Denny Brauer – Flip and Pitch

7-L'130" Heavy Action Casting Rod- Denny Brauer Umbrella Rig X2

7-'L23" Med Heavy Action Casting Rod - Denny Brauer Spinnerbait

7'2" Med Heavy Action Spinning Rod - 1 piece EDGE ROD Fast Tip

L73'0" Medium Action Spinning Rod- Denny Brauer Spinning

Apex Magnum Model 6.5:1 Right Hand 
Apex Elite - 5.3:1 Model 5.3:1 Right Hand 
Apex Elite 6.5:1  Model 6.5:1 Right Hand 
Apex Pro  Model 7.3:1 Right Hand 
Apex Grand Model 7.3:1 Right Hand 
Apex Grand Model 7.3:1 Left Hand 
Gliss - Color 18 lb Green 1500 yards Spinning Reels with Flouro Leaders 
Gliss - Color/ Length 40 lb Green 1500 yards Some Casting Reels 
Some of the Reels are on my St Croix Rods but will be ordering more Ardent Rods & Left hand Casting Reels

Monday, June 20, 2016

Silver Lake Gay Lea Kids Day/Weekend Jun 10,11,12/16

We had 4 trailers set up Friday night & 8 adults & 4 youth stayed until Sunday & 50 People were around on Saturday for our Kids fun Derby & BBQ. Lots of tackle was bought to be used so everybody could catch fish, after fishing 1 Ardent Rod & Reel Combo was given to each Family that came out & the kids to pick out 3 packs of baits to take home, this is the 3rd year I organized the Fishing & a few others organized the BBQ, we had a hot day & no rain throughout the day, we rented their Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boats, & Motor boats & anybody could use them throughout the day plus I took my 2 boats & 2 others brought theirs so we could take people out for a fish or boat ride, I had 15 people out for an hour or so & everybody caught something but it was a little tough with all the weather changes we had leading up to the weekend, Crappie came out to play about 8pm & we caught quite a few on Friday & Saturday nights & they disappeared through the day. A little bit of fishing & a little bit of boat driving.  #GayLeaFoods, #Ardent

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Friday Night Pre Fishing for the Gay Lea Kids Day

Crappie moved deep with all this weather changing they were in 20' to 26' of water & near the bottom.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

3rd Gay Lea Foods Kids Day the Weather man was wrong & I was right, beautiful day

We started out with Rock Bass, Perch, Sunfish & ended up with Crappie not too bad of a day & I had about 15 different kids & adults out for about an hour of fishing, lots of baits were used & lots of different kids of equipment but everybody that tried out the ARDENT Rods & Reels loved them & they performed great. Marley jumped right in to help take off the fish she could.

After a great BBQ that I had nothing to do with except eating my share it was back out on the water until about 9:30pm & than I had to clean the 14 Crappie we decided to keep so the campers could have them for breakfast. Ryan & I hammered the Rock Bass & caught a few Sunfish.

8 of the 14 Crappie we kept.

Home just after midnight & it Sounds like next years a go too. 
Back at it again in the morning likely try for some pike too.

The Day before Gay Lea Kids Day

Everybody was catching fish & we found the Crappie right where everybody says they never fish for them there lol. Little jigs & drop shot & creatures/swimbaits were what put them in the boat.
A few of these.

Lots of These.

& finally lots of these.