Monday, June 20, 2016

Silver Lake Gay Lea Kids Day/Weekend Jun 10,11,12/16

We had 4 trailers set up Friday night & 8 adults & 4 youth stayed until Sunday & 50 People were around on Saturday for our Kids fun Derby & BBQ. Lots of tackle was bought to be used so everybody could catch fish, after fishing 1 Ardent Rod & Reel Combo was given to each Family that came out & the kids to pick out 3 packs of baits to take home, this is the 3rd year I organized the Fishing & a few others organized the BBQ, we had a hot day & no rain throughout the day, we rented their Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boats, & Motor boats & anybody could use them throughout the day plus I took my 2 boats & 2 others brought theirs so we could take people out for a fish or boat ride, I had 15 people out for an hour or so & everybody caught something but it was a little tough with all the weather changes we had leading up to the weekend, Crappie came out to play about 8pm & we caught quite a few on Friday & Saturday nights & they disappeared through the day. A little bit of fishing & a little bit of boat driving.  #GayLeaFoods, #Ardent

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