Monday, August 31, 2015

Labrodor City Fishing Trip 7 days 4300 km & visit with my Brother Norm & Sister-in-Law Amancia small Family Reunion

After working 7am to 7pm it was off to the Aylmer area to stay at Pete's so we could get an early start on Friday, 05:30 start & arriving at our Motel at 8:30 pm, on the road again about 05:30 & arriving in Labrador City about 4:30pm, supper was ready & after unpacking we organized the boats to get on the water for a few hours before dark, here are a few from the 1st time out, 1st pike on the trip was about 6:40 & the fun was started, everybody caught at least 1 & there were hundreds caught after that over the 5 days, I never would've thought I'd get sick of taking picture but we actually stopped after catching so many in the 30" to 35" size as everybody had to stop fishing to take the pictures when your in a smaller boat & 16' is smaller. 

on the second day there were about 100 Pike caught between the 2 boats with a 39" for longest & it would hold for all 5 days, Dad lost 1 they figured was 45" or better after it was almost in the cradle it took a turn to get around the trolling motor & snap off.

The one that got away.

Pete was fighting his 33" pike & my line was out quite a ways as his got closer I started to crank my spoon quick so I could get the net & 5 feet from the boat another 33" pike nailed my spoon crossed his line went under the boat & both were jumping & splashing , we managed to untangle our crossed lines & land them both, a little bit of skill & a lot of luck lol.

39" long & skinny

3rd day we were off to Norm & Amancia's cabin on Julienne Lake for the day to try for Lake Trout & Pike, after blowing a tire on the very rough road to get there we had no wind, blue bird sky's & no current in the narrows they normally fish, it was a very tough bite & i caught 1 small Laker with a few follows but no more takers.

Not a great picture but the only one we took

It was back to Labrador City for some evening fishing & it was productive, here are a few picture's

4th Day started off fairly quick & there were lots caught we had a break for Pizza Delight Buffet at l2:30 & we need to get a Tire replaced at CT at 3pm than it was back out on Little Wabash for another evening of Spoon feed pike mostly ( Blue Fox, Len Thompson & Daredevils) but there were a few caught on Spinners & Flukes. 

5th & Last Day didn't let us down but nobody could break that magic 40", I had the 37", 38", 38.5" & 39 "all caught in my boat, 38" was my biggest. Looking forward to another trip maybe 2 weeks next time.

Last Day & Last Fish Pete's 36" Pike & a nice way to end off, off the Wabush Hotel for their Buffet supper. Wasn't on my bucket list but added it & checked it off, hope to return in a couple years if we get invited, lol. Great company, Great time & Great food.

Here is a collection of most of the lures I used throughout the week, also used were Bassmagnet Swimbait & Tubes, Husky Jerks & other jerk baits, Red Eye Shad, lots of different Sizes & Colors of Spoons from Blue Fox, Len Thompson & Daredevil.

Dad & Irene left the end on July for a Month holiday & our Cousin Pete & son Pete Zagorodny & I headed up for August 21-27 the weather was excellent & we had no rain while we were there except at night after the fishing was done & we had very little even then. Black Flies were out a bit but I only use spray once as they weren't bothering me too bad, Big thanx to the guy at Hewlett-Minpaco Snowmobile Rentals for helping us figure out the hydraulics problem for my outboard & at no cost muchly appreciated & CTC for working on the Truck tires around our Fishing schedule everybody has different priority's, lol.

A great memory was when I had a huge blow up behind my spoon & I flipped right back in just to catch a smaller pike as soon as the lure hit the water as I was bringing it past the weed bed a Pike nail the one I was reeling in & turned back to the weeds, when we got the Pike in & measured it it was 29" & another took a run at it, sure wish I would've caught the other one because I'm not sure if it was trying to eat it or just saying get out of my area runt.

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