Wednesday, November 11, 2015

1st time out in about 3.5 weeks

Beautiful day on the water Tubes were the bait of the day with 1 coming on the drop shot, Moe caught the 1st smallie & I set the hook right after, 1st double header, 2 cast later 2nd double header than Moe caught a few more than I for the next little while, then I started catching more & ended up catching a few more than he did but Moe caught the biggest a 20.5", 1 of my 18" weighed 5 lbs & had stuff hanging out it's butt when I netted it lol. Great Day on the water with about 30 Smallies caught, likely should've took more pictures but Moe was taking some of his own & with the wind I didn't start taking pictures until we had a few in the boat, until next time.

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