Thursday, January 7, 2016

First trip of 2016 in January in the Skeeter

I've never been on a boat or had my boat in the water in January & today was the day it happened, it started out with the motor starting but not able to put it into forward or reverse so ok we are using the trolling motor to fish the bay & after working our way about 2 km away from the ramp & only seeing a few shad we headed back towards the ramp & Moe caught a Pike nothing big but we didn't get skunked lol, but it ended not so great for my motor. After loading my boat we noticed the prop was sticking out a bit more than it should be, opps this can't be good, but nobody went swimming. lol

As low as 35f

As warm as 45.8f

Mepps Syclops comes through

By the look of this I won't be going back out for a while.

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