Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goderich Perch Fishing turns to Lake Trout

Met up with Randy in Goderich to try some Perch fishing if we could find some but you know things don`t look good when it`s a beautiful day & there are no other boats in site, after trying for a little bit a boat comes flying in from out in the lake & they slow down checking out Randy`s boat & then come over & say you guys got down riggers head out to 80`& try 75`down with green or dark colors we just caught 2 Lakers but we caught 5 this afternoon maybe 10 lbers, so off we go & there are a couple boats out there but not close so we hit 80`& start trolling with 4 different colors but no takers so Randy puts on a Blackfly Lures Spoon & checks it out behind the boat & we both think this things going to work & he had a few knock offs & a few on his slider had the pole bouncing than finally one sets the pole straight up & he has a Laker, after a brief fight it`s in the box & we switch everything up for Blackfly Spoons but they were just teasing us as his pole would bounce every once & a while but no more hook ups, guess who`s buying more of them spoons soon.

Blackfly Lures Spoons 

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