Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Huron County fishing Lake Huron

Started off Dropshotting and found a few then I had a visit by the RCMP boat and 2 officers that were very plesant, 1st thing they said are they all fishing rods lol yup, than they said watch our boat doesn't bump your fish finder and they wanted to know how the fishing was and what I was catching, safety gear & boaters licence wasn't ask for, good thing because there were rods everywhere, like 18 or 20 of them lol. 

Thought I'd check out the river and caught this Rainbow and had 2 more hits plus a couple follows to the boat and saw a couple of bigger ones swimming around.

Back to the lake and dropshotting again and caught a bunch more smallies & lost a couple bigger one horsing them too hard, opps.

Last bass was caught at 15:25 and the boat was loaded by 15:55 took off for home so I could drop the boat off clean up a bit, change my cloths and head to Hespler for a Waterloo/Wellington CBAF meeting that had 3 members show up lol, at least the food was good and the 3 of us talked fishing for about an hour before we headed for home, just think how many more bass I could've caught lol. Great meal and great chat.

Set The Hook

Thanx & Tight Lines Richard (Spinnerbaitking)

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