Saturday, July 23, 2016

3rd day fishing with Robbie on Bruce County Lakes

Dave & I both took our boats to Southampton & headed north about 3:20 & fished until about 9:00, Dave caught about half a dozen Smallies with a few 15" to 17", my selfies are almost always a waste of time with 1 of the 1st 3 Smallies that you could make out in the picture and the other 2 were all bright , it was a little slow at 1st but than the Crankbaits were working & a few on the Spinnerbaits as well. I lost a few on drop shots at the net.

Robbie needed the broken rod in the picture as well lol, another one of my rods done, makes for 2 after 3 he's going for a swim.

After playing with the Torpedo beside the boat with maybe 5' of line out I said why don't you through that 30' behind the boat & when it hit the water there was a huge flush & a miss as he sets the hook & reels like crazy I told he to fire it back out & after about 10' or 20' he was one very happy boy. 1st top water Bass & he claims another 1 of my lures.

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