Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another day on a Bruce County Lake

Spinnerbaits were king today most of the day, my biggest were 19" & 19.25" and all the #Ardent Denny Brauer rods & Apex Grand, Apex Elite & Apex Pro reels worked great to bring most of them in with a few #Blackfly Lures Spinnerbait being used too.

We know who's not taking pictures next time lol

My only Pike was with #Ardent Edge Rod & C-Force Spinning Reel with #Gliss 18lb line on a tube jig, Dad caught one Pike later but no picture he throw it back in as I was getting my camera out lol.

These 2 were very full

Things switched over to Crankbaits later in the day, here are a few pictures & there were lots of smaller ones caught but no pictures taken, very nice to see the different year classes throughout the lake.

This looks smaller than it was Dad's biggest was 19.25" too.

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