Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lonely again with lots of Smallies from Bruce County

Had a plan but desided to change it when I got to the lake what a mistake, started at a different spot than I was going too & caught a couple quickly and hit another 2 spots catching 1 smallie on each spot then I moved to where I was going to start and caught a couple of 19" smallies moved again and nothing for the next hour or so back to where I caught the 19"ers and they were homemostly #BassmagnetTubes were used with a few caught on Dropshotting #SetTheHook Nailers, all the Smallies were caught on #ArdentReels, Ardent Edge & Denny Brauer Spinning Rods with Ardent Wire & C-Force Spinning reels & Gliss Line 18lb test. #RuleTheWater, #Blackflylures.
Some of these Smallies were caught dropping down to them when they were marked on the Fish Finder in 7.5 to 8.5' of water that was crazy, how shallow do you guys catch them under the boat. #Simonfrosticeman, thanx for the tip.

Tight Lines Richard

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