Monday, November 14, 2016

Yesterday at Silver Lake

Found a Largemouth by a bunch of sticks dropshotting a #Slammer & thought this might be good but there were no more that I could get of any sticks lol, water was 47.5 to 50 degrees, switch to some deeper stuff & was marking lots but light hitters or no takers, last spot I was dropshotting a Bassmagnets Twich 3.75" where I picked up the crappie on a spot about 18.5' to 20' with 25' very close all around it that drops to 40' fairly quickly, pretty sure I'll be back to hammer some of these guys soon. I'm hoping it'll be a ggood spot in the spring before they move to shore too. My Ardent DB Edge Rods with Ardent Wire, C-Force and Bolt Spinning Reels worked great, #ardentreels, #rulethewater, #Blackflylures,
Tight Lines Richard

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