Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 10 I made a trip to the #blackflylures in Acton

Picking up some of these & had doubles or triples or more of some of them at the 3 Toronto & London Spring Fishing Shows, was getting low or running out of some of the more popular ones I needed to stock up. 

Headed to Acton to to have a tour of the shop & pick up a bunch of Tackle, between Steve & I this is what I ended up bringing home.

Aug 11/16
Wanted to try the new Musky lures today to see how they looked in the water so I took an extra heavy flipp'n stick with an Ardent Apex Magnum spooled with 65lb Power Pro & tied a 60 lb Flouro leader about 2.5' long & went to the Teeswater River but 1st I through a new to me colour of Spinnerbait the Orange & White & on the 2nd cast this little guy hit it, I had another little one hit the blades but didn't hook up, I really like the looks of this one it'll be tied on the next trip out, tried the #blackfly Lures Spoon next & snagged on the far side so I waded through to retrieve it & then put on the new Blackfly Flash Dancer Silver/Black Blade & it looks really nice coming through the water, need to make it out to give this a try too. 

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