Monday, August 22, 2016

Left for Toronto & the CNE about 11:30 & arived back home about 14 hours later

Lots of youth went through the fishing pool and the casting area today, 6 youth fishing every 3 minutes for 12 hours, someone else can do the math I'm tired lol.

Robbie helping out at the Fishing Pool.

Science Project on the Salmon related to my School Salmon Hatchery Program.

Mark and Robbie running the Casting area kind of, I think Mark is playing around with my #Ardent Denny Brauer Umbella/Heavy Flipp'n Stick with a #Ardent Apex Grand 40lb #Gliss line on it and Tungsten Weight and 5" Chigger Craw, no hook and Robbie is running the casting booth.

Getting ready for the next group of fisher people.

New Shirt Thanx Mikey it looks great

Here's the gang from today

Almost home

Dogs out for a wasroom break before my bed time. lol

Hope you enjoyed 3am time for bed, see you all later.
Thanx and Tight Lines Richard

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