Monday, August 15, 2016

I needed a day on the Lake

Headed out this morning to Silver Lake, starting out with a #Blackflylures Spinnerbait Orange & White caught a Largie to start out than a Crankbait caught a small Smallie & than Flipp'n took over with #Ardent Tournament Reels on St Croix rods with 65lb Power Pro & 20lb Flouro & lots of clones Largemouth & a 18.5" Smallie on the 65lb braid. I had a eye appointment at 3pm in Wingham so I left a little after 1pm to make sure I wasn't late & it started to rain as I was leaving, after my appointment back to get the boat & off to Silver Lake & there were puddles all over when I got back there fishing until about 9pm, started with the Orange & White double willow leaf, than the Triple blade White, White & Chartruese Buzzbait, White & Chartruese Hatchet Blades & Black & Red double Willow leaf, caught 10 to 12 both times out with a Pike each time too.

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