Monday, September 26, 2016

A couple hours on Bruce County Lake tonight

Headed out after the rain quit and made a few cast with the Spinnerbait until I found the weeds, I picked up a #Ardent Flipp'n rod with Flouro and 1st flip it got bit off by a Pike, then I caught 3 quick Smallies on a new #Blackflylures Spinnerbait, moved around a bit and caught another then I had a hard hit on the blades when I threw it back there was nothing so I followed up with a drop shot and it was taken right away, ran straight under the boat and back across to the other side (Pike) as I grabbed the net there was a little head shake and the hook came out and it took the tail off my plastic, the rain started again and it was blowing fairly hard, I threw my rain gear on and headed towards the west side of the lake where it was protected by taller trees, caught another 2 smallies and it was time to leave before it got dark, 2.5 hours with 6 smallies caught from 16" to 18.5" with a few other hit not too bad. Water was 66 degrees and a little coloured from the rain and wind.

Caught at 5:11pm shortly after I started Fishing, 1st stop.

Next cast 5:12 `18.25" Smallie




Products used.#Ardent Rods and Reels, #Blackflylures spinnerbaits and #Gliss 18 lb Line plus Suffix Mono & Seaguar Denny Brauer Flippin' Flouro

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