Thursday, September 22, 2016

Great Day on St Clair with Mike from #HandlebarzGuideService

Don't let him show you how to do a figure 8 this guy cast out 15' and turns the handle about twice
and this is what he gets lol, very nice way to start the day, Thanx for the Great Day Mike we'll be back.

ELECTRIC BLACK SERIES chartreuse blades

No measurement here we thought it wasn't big enough to keep it out of the water, when they say do a figure 8 every cast this is what could hit with 12" of line out WOW. 

  ELECTRIC BLACK SERIES chartreuse blades

Dave's 47" Musky that choked a big plastic Uboat and it took 2 of us to get the hook out, he broke both of our Personal Best Musky. 

Swimming away.

My second Musky a 46.5" Personal best by .5" but much heavier than my old PB.

Swimming away.

Mike showing us how to work another bait man this guy is good lol 51" Musky very sweet.

My 3rd 43"? another figure 8 fish with 12" of line out lol.

Hooks were cut off most of the lures as they were very aggressive today.  #HandlebarzMuskyLures 

Mikey's New Toy for guiding very nice ride.

Thanx again for the Great Day on the water, if you want to learn how to cast for Musky book a trip you won't regret it. There were a lot of follows & a few misses that won't soon be forgotten with a few top water hits also. If you wanted to fish for Gar they where everywhere.
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