Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Out for a bit of Fishing before it Rains

Moe had the jump on me with the 2 biggest of the day 19" shortly after we got going, crankbaits were working for him but I couldn't get them going so I switched to spinnerbaits & started to figure them out. Blackfly Lures triple blade White was working until I lost 2 & the rest were at home so I switched over to White & Chartruese Hatchet blades & caught a few more before it got very hot & humid, after moving around a few times to cool down we decided to go have a visit with my Dad & had something to eat.

I hate selfies this is how they usually turn out.

Quick picture & release

I caught all mine with Ardent Reels, with a few Ardent Rods, Shimano Rods & TBF Rods. More Rods need to be ordered.  

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